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From direct donations, to shopping with our partner/sponsors, to participating in our giving campaigns, it’s easy to make helping homeless dogs and puppies a part of your life! Check out all the ways you can help. And remember we are always looking for loving and energetic fosters and volunteers too!

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All dogs are amazing but some need a little help to reach their full potential!

Every dollar donated changes lives!

Your generous donation directly funds our life-changing program for dogs who desperately deserve a chance at a second chance. We need your help to provide professional training to dogs in our rescue who are lacking in skills needed for a happy, successful life. 
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DCCR takes in thousands of dogs a year that need a second chance at a appy life.  Some of these sweet souls come to us with medical needs that are critical and we work tirelessly to get them the medical attention they desperately need. Any pet-parent knows that a big vet bill can be hard to cover.  DCCR is always there to help but we can’t do it without donations from generous pet lovers like YOU!

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