Welcome to DCCR's Featured Dogs Page

At DCCR we work so hard to find all our rescues the perfect forever home.  Sometimes it can be more difficult for some of our pups.  We want to feature them to get the word out that every dog has a perfect family just waiting to meet them!

You may have heard of ‘Black Dog Syndrome’.  It’s a theory that black-coated dogs (and cats) are more difficult to find adopters for and as a result, sit longer in shelters and rescues.  See below for some thoughts on this as well as to take a look at some of our beautiful black-coated pups looking for their forever homes!

This gorgeous girl is Xclaim but we’ve nicknamed her Goldie.  She’s been with DCCR for a while now and our dedicated volunteers have been working hard with her on manners, proper indoor behavior and all sorts of fancy tricks! Since she is a pittie mix she will need to go to a home where there are no breed restrictions.

Click her pic to see the rest of her bio!  Also, doesn’t she look gorgeous?  Shout out to Bina Photography for Goldie’s awesome portrait!

Black Dog Syndrome is a theory that black-coated dogs and cats spend more time in shelters and rescues than pets with fur of another color.  While there are theories as to why (more pets have dark fur than other colors, black-coated pets are more likely to be surrendered) at DCCR we want to make sure all our fosters find loving homes.  Take a look at our beautiful black-coated pups!  If you’re interested in adopting, fill out an application.